Aftermarket XR®️ Wiring harness to Replace your broken or damaged  stock wiring harness. 
Can get rid of error 16 sometimes or error 21. Sometimes it can be a problem with your BMS or Controller, it’s best to consult your local Stoke Life Service professional for installation. Comes with everything you need to bolt it right in. 

DIY ITEM: Bob's Stoke Shop is not resposible for damage to your board or BMS due to Negligence. IF YOU ARE UNSURE OF HOW TO USE THIS,  DO NOT BUY. 
As always with any item you can ship it to Bob and he can install for you for a fee.
Please call for install price and approx shipping costs.

XR®️ Wiring Harness

  • If this item is damaged in transit it can be exchanged for a new one, If you install this product and do not consult with Bob first YOU OWN IT AND IT CANNOT BE RETURNED OR EXCHANGED. Mechanical Ignorance is not an excuse This is an advanced Installation, usually only performed by qualified Stokelife Service Shops.