The Northbay MØB Hoosier 6" treaded is the MOST versatile 6" treaded tire to date.


In 3 different compounds at one of the most affordable, highest value option tires for your OneWheel available on the market.


D30: the compound you're most familiar with from previous tires released by Hoosier and one of their most durable treaded tires for conditions ideal to dirt, single track, grass, and dry to moist conditions. Great for sliding, bonking, and nudging!! Highly recommended for longevity for street riding. 


D20: The 20 compound is slightly softer... But the slight difference creates a different, smoother ride with more torque characteristics. Fantastic for off road as well as on. Medium slide characteristics with enhanced bonk/nudge ability.


D10: One of the most popular compounds for dirt and trail riders as well as street riders who want the softest, lightest ride possible. This tire FLOATS on all surfaces and will be the greatest noticeable difference when swapping between these tires. Not great for slide tricks. Fantastic for rocks, bonks, and nudges. This is the tire with the most grip offroad and on. 

Hoosier 6" Treaded